OFFICIAL Maiden Cay Party on Loose Cannon - RESIDENTS

Cena od USD 78,00 USD
  • Trvanie: 6 Hodín (cca.)
  • Kód produktu: MCPLCR

Tickets to Maiden Cay Party tickets are made available to patrons under the following conditions.

You will have the responsibility to be on the dock on the morning of the party by 8am. The boat will start boarding at 8am and will depart at 8:30 am. If you miss the boat you will have the option of making private arrangements to take a canoe over to Maiden Cay to join the tour.

It is acknowledged that upon purchasing your ticket, that you do so without knowing the date of the party. The date shown in the shopping cart (December 27th) is merely to facilitate the transaction. Loose Cannon will not bear the responsibility of informing you of the date. So keep your ears close to the ground.

Maiden Cay Party tickets are nonrefundable but are transferable with notice by what’s app showing the screenshot of the ticket and a new name being provided.

If for any reason Loose Cannon is unable to provide the service on the day you will be given a full refund.

Our Food Menu includes: 

  • Chicken Pasta 
  • Shrimp or Lobster Pasta 
  • Jerk Chicken 
  • Jerk Pork 
  • Festivals 
  • Patties 
  • Grilled Food (sausages etc.) 

Our Drink Menu includes: 

  • Red Stripe Beer 
  • Heineken Beer 
  • Appleton Special Rum 
  • White Rum 
  • Vodka 
  • Apple Vodka 
  • Campari 
  • Cranberry Juice 
  • Sodas (Pepsi, 7up, etc.)

Presold Ticket Outlets:

1. Ribbiz (Loshusan Plaza)

2. Sweetwood Jerk (by Emancipation Park in New Kingston)



Additional Information:

1. High heels not allowed on boat. Please wear flat shoes.

2. This is a smoke-free environment. No smoking allowed anywhere on board.

3. I.D. must be presented at dock for discounted tickets.

4. Transportation to the dock is available for an extra $20 per person.

Feel free to WhatsApp us or give us a call if you have any questions. 

(876) 495-2222